Walking as a classroom

I talk a lot about running and the value it’s brought to my life.

But walking has been my mainstay and constant companion throughout my life. And as a teacher of movement and awareness I focus much of my self-learning around my own walking as a means of enhancing my professional skills.

At times when I’ve overdone myself while running or doing manual labor around the house, and some of my muscles are screaming at me, walking is waiting for me.

Walking is waiting for me, to take me back to the basics of how I’m organized with each step, to shine my awareness on when my skeleton is supporting me and when it’s not, and to find new ways of asking questions that can change my experience, both physical and mental.

Walking is waiting for me to take me out of my monkey mind, as a meditation of sorts, to unify myself as I’m striding through the neighborhood.

Walking is an activity that can be a joyful and useful activity in our daily lives and can open up our world to new adventures.

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