Do you wish you could walk a 5k?

Many people sign up for 5K races as walkers. Since running isn’t for everyone, walking is another way to enjoy the festivities surrounding a race. It’s also a great way to get a good walking workout in since there are so many others to enjoy the experience with.

Some of the reasons why I do races is for the camaraderie, healthy competition, and a way to keep on a healthy streak.

For some, walking 3 miles can be daunting. Learning to walk in the most efficient manner you can helps to conserve your energy so that the 3 miles can become a possibility.

Others may be able to walk the 3 miles easily enough but are looking for an easier, and/or are looking to get rid of certain bugs or pains they encounter while walking.

I’ve invested many years in my own walking education so I can enjoy walking to its fullest.

If you’d like to further your own walking education so you can fully enjoy your next walk then sign up for your consultation today!

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