Do you experience pain when walking?

Walking is one of those essential things we all must do to get around and live our daily lives.

And when we experience pain while walking it can make life a bit tougher.

Most muscular pain is caused by inefficient use of our selves, usually from lack of skeletal support.

When we learn to use our skeleton as our primary means of support it takes the load off the muscles, which then can be more efficiently used for (action) our activities.

Babies and toddlers are very good at using their skeletons to support themselves. We gradually forget this internal knowledge of efficient use as we age as we look further outward from ourselves for answers.

If you’d like to regain your ability to use your internal senses as a means of providing efficient, pain-free movement sign up now for a consultation!

And coming this September 16th I’ll be leading a ‘Pleasurable Walking’ workshop in West Seattle. In this workshop we’ll be learning new tools to help make our walking a more pleasurable experience.


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