Training to be tenacious


Yesterday I ran my first 10k race in over 35 years.

Since I took up running again about 6 years ago I’ve run a bunch of 5ks and Half Marathons (21k).

So yesterday was a cross between the speed of a 5k, and the longevity of the Half Marathon.

Starting out back in the pack the first mile felt like I was in a herd of turtles; it gave me time to warm up without burning out.

After a while I was able to comfortably move forward through the pack and run at a surprisingly fast clip without worrying about running out of gas.

Other than the two water/fuel stations I didn’t stop to walk except for a brief moment in the last mile as I was pushing hard to finish strong and got a bit ahead of my breathing and needed that moment to get everything back in sync.

With the finish line in sight I turned on the afterburners and pulled away from anyone near me to fly through the finish. Usually I turn off the engines and coast when I see the finish line.

Afterwards I was feeling much gratitude for the fitness level I’ve achieved through my own tenacious training. Keeping to a consistent training regimen throughout the year no matter the weather has helped me to have the strength to go out and run more of my race than I’ve experienced so far in my racing history. And I managed to place second in my age group!

Most importantly is my regular practice of the Feldenkrais Method and how it helps me to run with the most efficiency possible, while using myself in a way that is sustainable over the long term.

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