Spring Ahead!

Remember to set your clocks ahead this Sunday, March 12th!

With Spring coming the thoughts of warmer weather and outdoor activities come to mind.


Will I have the ability to get out and garden this year?

Do I have the stamina to go on a hike up in the mountains after the snow melts?

Will I look good in a swimsuit at the beach?


This is one of the reasons why I run.

It gets and keeps me in shape for whatever fun life throws before me.


While I keep consistent with my running throughout the year (I’ll be racing the Mercer Island Half Marathon next weekend), for others it can be a warmer months activity.

When starting up an activity again after being dormant for a period it’s necessary to prepare yourself for action, to minimize injuries and to finding more pleasurable ways in moving.

The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education is a perfect avenue to learn how to run with pleasure while minimizing stress to your body.

To find out more about how Feldenkrais can enhance your spring time activities including running

Contact Erik LaSeur GCFT (Guild certified Feldenkrais Teacher)


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