Save the knees

The question I’m asked the most when people find out I run is: What about your knees?

My knees are great.

But that wasn’t the case 30 years ago, when I gave up running.

A combination of not so ideal running form and an injury while playing flag football in college had contributed to my fragile knees.

I went the route of strengthening by bicycling and weight training.

But it didn’t help with the fear or pain of using it for running.


My studies and application of the Feldenkrais Method towards safe use of the knees, and efficiency of movement finally got me back into running 7 years ago.


One of the best benefits of being able to run regularly is having the stamina and agility to babysit my grandson.

He’s got me on the run, rolling on the floor, and staying in a creative playful state.

All thanks to what I’ve learned from Feldenkrais.


If you’d like to move past your knee fragility and enjoy life more

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