Keep it simple

Ed Whitlock passed away this week at age 86.

Last year at age 85 he broke a world age record for the marathon by over 28 minutes by running under 4 hours.

At age 72 he set the world age record for the marathon by running under 3 hours.

He set these and many other records throughout his long running career by keeping it simple.

Whitlock defied convention, especially for older runners, in his approach to non-running activities, in that he did no stretching,

strength training, or cross training. When he was injured, he simply stopped running until he felt able to resume his high-volume

training. He followed no special diet, other than to eat enough to keep his weight up. Whitlock mostly ran in old shoes he’d won at

races or had otherwise received; he said the racing flats he wore to break 4:00 at Toronto were 15 years old.


Running is a simple activity,

and when done with knowledge and awareness of Ideal Organization

can be done joyfully and injury free.


If you’re thinking you’re too old to get out and run, or you’ll never be able to do it because of pain or injuries…but you still have that question. The lingering question of “Can I?”

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