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With the long, cold, dark Northwest winters knocking on our doors, many people like to hibernate and stay in the comfort of their homes.

Learning to move with less pain and greater ease has become easier with Google+ Hangout.

Beginning Wednesday November 28th 2012, and every Wednesday, I’ll be holding a Google+ Hangout lesson.

And through 2012 it’s all FREE!

Just put on your warm, comfortable clothes (or pajamas if you like), turn on your computer and webcam.

And join the Hangout!


The cool thing about this is that even if you don’t want to show the world what you look like you can always cover up the camera, or put in a still picture as your representation, and just follow along with the lesson.

If something doesn’t make sense, or you have a question for me or the group, or you just want to say “hi” to the group, the MIC is always on….or you can even turn your MIC off.

It’s your choice!

I use this medium when meeting with my business marketing group. It’s a visual meeting with people around the world for FREE!

So, if the winter doldrums have you not wanting to leave the house, or you live far away from Seattle and can’t (don’t) want to see me in person, the answer to alleviating your pain may be to hangout with me on Google+!

For connect with me on Google+ click Here.

Since, I still don’t have a scheduling system set up to sync with my web site, either connect with me on Google+ or leave me a message at

Inspire your inner genius!



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