Gratitude for spring and health

Today I ran a nice, slow 10k.

As I’d just raced a half marathon two days ago, the need for an easy day was present.

It’s also the first day I’ve run since Spring began yesterday.


So I have a dual gratitude in this post.


The first is for Spring. Yay!

Warmer, maybe drier days ahead.

And much more daylight.


The second gratitude is for my health, and my ability to go out and race a half marathon this past weekend.

This was the 5th Half marathon I’ve run since the first one in October 2015.

It was a very hilly course with almost constant water views, as we ran the perimeter of Mercer Island in a clockwise manner.


Today on my slower, shorter run I was feeling grateful for how well I felt.

To have the resilience in place to resume living after great effort.


Now that Spring is here it’s a good time for getting outside and enjoying the warmer (and hopefully) drier weather.

If you’d like to do so with more pleasure and less pain, now is a great time to begin.


Erik LaSeur

Guild certified Feldenkrais Teacher

Alki Moves

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