Back hurt? How to help yourself get rid of the pain.

Back pain is an over 100 billion dollar industry in the United States. With an estimated 80 percent of the population experiencing a bout of low back pain in their lifetime.

The usual treatment is pain medications, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc. While these have their effectiveness, often they are only addressing the structural abnormalities and don’t do anything about the functional aspect of our lives. Strength training and stretching only work on the structural.

In the Feldenkrais world we work with the skeleton in gravity and looking for how the skeleton can most efficiently transmit the ground forces up and through our skeleton so the muscles don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

Often the muscles in the low back become a focal point for shearing forces when the skeleton isn’t supporting our weight in an ideal manner.

And over time, and sometimes quickly if we’re doing excessive work, we develop back pain.

When we can become aware of what we’re doing, and then how we can use the skeleton to support us in gravity, the pain will often go away because the stressors have been eliminated.

Having this ability inherent in us makes life much more enjoyable. When I know how to keep from going into pain. And if I do tweak my back I have the ability to untweak it.

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