Always growing, never growing up

“Maturity is not a state reached with age or experience. It is a process that goes on until death in all evolving and creative people.” Moshe Feldenkrais

Whew!  That takes the pressure off.

I can just go one step at a time. And enjoy each step.

With childlike curiosity I can continually play with and refine how I dance with gravity in my life and daily activities.

Sometimes I’ll play with just one area or part such as my foot, to see what different shapes I can make by finding support on different parts of the foot or toes. Finding for me what feels more supportive or less supportive for me overall in different orientations such as sitting and standing.

Options are nice to have as our environment changes around and under us.

So as we age it’s always wise to stay in a curious state about the world and about your own body.

The finish line is final.




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