5 common running mistakes

The following video is by a couple feldenkrais colleages in New York (Jae Gruenke and Julia Pak), where they demonstrate 5 common mistakes runners make that cause inefficiency and possibly injury in their own running. YouTube Preview Image

The 5 mistakes and what to do:

1)  Running upright——–Lean forward from the ankles…results in a quicker turnover and lighter legs

2)  Overstriding——–Land with your foot beneath you…results in Less impact and less work.

3)  Heel striking——-Land on the middle or front of foot….results in a faster and more comfortable stride.

4)  Pulling your shoulders back and swinging your arms front to back—–Let your shoulders turn and arms swing diagonally….results in a more relaxed and efficient movement.

5)  Tightening your core—–Let your pelvis move…..legs move much more efficiently!


If you have any questions regarding efficient pain-free running, contact Erik LaSeur @ 206-406-8154



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