Experience the joy of running

Running has become a joyful experience for me.

Sure it takes a couple miles sometimes to get into the rhythm of the run, but eventually it syncs up and I enter a more blissful running state.

For many, and it used to be this way for me too, the idea of running and pleasure don’t go together.

There are many reasons for the displeasure of running. Pain gets mentioned to me often as a reason not to run. Mostly this is the memory of being in pain while running. “I can’t run because the last time I ran 15 years ago I hurt myself. Never again!”

And until you understand how you move (your patterns), then you’re bound to move in the same way you did before that got you hurt.

That’s why I love the Feldenkrais Method, the ability to notice what I’m doing so I then can explore new options that may help me transcend my previous difficulty, that kept me from enjoying an activity (running).

The joy of any activity comes when you can rely upon profound support from your skeleton to assist your muscles in fluid, efficient movement.

If you’d like to find the joy in running again, or for the first time ever, book your consultation now!


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