Pain-Free Running

Why do you run?

For Validation, Vitality, or?

There is no wrong answer – only different paths and different approaches to get to the desired goal.


My name is Erik LaSeur.

I run to train for endurance events.

I run to live in the moment.

I run for my mental health.

I run to keep up with my grandson.

I run so I can have more energy for the rest of my life.


If you have the desire to learn, I can teach you how to avoid injury and get more vitality out of every stride. I especially like working with those who think that running is an impossibility for them anymore.


 Erik has lit a spark in my own running, in fact I was one of those “I’ll never be able to run again” people that has changed his mind! He really has a way of gently bringing the dream alive again!  Deb Marshall 


If you’re getting older and feeling a bit older than you should – running might help revitalize you.

When you begin your journey with patience, practice and precision,  running can benefit the heart, reduce pain and usher in a renewed zest for daily living and all the fun activities you yearn to participate in.


Learn the joy of running with Erik LaSeur GCFP, Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

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