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I’m feeling back in the video making mood.

And would love to make videos on topics that you would find beneficial.

Let me know what you’d like a video on, to help with resolving chronic pain (back, neck, knee, etc.), regaining balance, etc.  Learn to move more easily and pain-free so you can live life more fully.








Get up Get down


We get up and down many times a day.

Probably rarely ever noticing how, sometimes complaining or making weird noises as cover for the effort put forth.

Taking this ability for granted or just outright ignoring it can be at your own peril.

A recent study cited HERE shows that your ability to go from standing to lying down and then back to standing can predict your longevity.

So perhaps you went ahead and took the test, and the results have you wondering how you can improve your quality of life, and your chances for survival.


This Sunday, July 21st 2013 I’ll be having my first extended class/playshop from Noon – 2:30 @ The Center for Movement & Healing.

We’ll explore how we can go to and come from the ground with greater ease.

The extended class allows us the space to connect a couple lessons with practical application.

All levels of ability are welcome to participate.


Gain a greater sense of independence in your movements and life.

Get your spot now for $30, then you can get up and get down.


Happy rolling,






Starting today, July 5th, and (almost) every Friday I’ll be teaching my new class

‘Regain your balance’ at the West Seattle Senior Center.

Below is a link to my class and other Health/Wellness offerings at the WSSC:


Today was a great starting class and I’m looking forward to all the future classes and students.

If you know of anyone struggling with their own balance, this could be what they’re looking for.

Inspiring your inner genius.



Happy Birthday Moshé!

mosheHappy Birthday Moshé Feldenkrais!

Today he would be 109 if still living.

He was one of the most influential minds of the 20th Century that most people have never heard of.

This coming Sunday, May 12th we’ll be celebrating his birthday and International Feldenkrais Week with FREE class @ The Center for and Healing….7901 35th AVE SW, here in West Seattle.

See you this Sunday @ Noon!


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Beginning Sunday April 7th, 2013 I’ll be teaching a weekly class at The Center for Movement & Healing.

This beautiful studio was just opened a couple of months ago in West Seattle by Jill Pagano, her dream to gather many different disciplines of movement under one roof.

Classes will be from 12:00pm to 1:00pm on Sundays.

Class fees are $15 drop-in rate. And a $60/5 class rate.


I’m excited to start teaching classes here.

Invest an hour playing with me on Sundays, to regain your freedom of movement, to do the things you love to do.

The Center for Movement and Healing is at 7901 35th Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98126.

“please use street parking only”


Inspire your inner genius!


Our health can be measured many ways.
One way is to ask ourselves how our bowels are working.
Are you satisfied with the end result?
One of the challenges of living in the modern world comes with the fact that the ability to squat is essential for regular, healthy bowel movements….but we’re left with the toilet.
The human body was designed to squat for efficient elimination.

I love how the video below explains our need to squat when going #2. Although it’s hawking a product, I just use a short foot stool to do the trick 🙂
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Inspire your inner genius,

Erik LaSeur


Sometimes our own well-being takes a back seat to reality. It takes time, committment, and often money to move in the positive direction we lay our dreams for wellness.

Now from the comfort of your home you can participate with and learn how to move with greater ease and less pain.

Right now the classes mainly focus on how we can make our sitting more comfortable, since this is the position we tend to do lots of our work from, especially computer work.

These are active, fun and interactive classes being held on the Google+ platform.

Just sign up with Google+

And tell me you’re coming HERE! on my Facebook Events Page.


This week’s class (02-28-13) will be focused on bringing more comfort and ease into sitting via the pelvis.


This is the video I made to announce my second class back on February 7th. Different date, and topic, and tons of love!

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Happy New Years!

It’s the New Year and what a beautiful day the first day of the year is/was here in Seattle.

As the New Year rang in I shot this video of the entire 8 minute fireworks show that was launched from the Space Needle, from across the bay in downtown Seattle.

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Let’s get this party started!

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When addressing challenges we often just try harder, and often with terrible results.

In the following TED Talk, a scientist/feldenkrais practitioner goes over 4 Body/Mind Principles we can use for Learning:

1. Start within your comfort zone and make it even more comfortable.

2. Not too hard, not too easy: Pick an interesting challenge within your reach.

3. Move away from your desired place, and come back to it from different angles.

4. Play with it, connect it to other things you know, make it your own.

In this talk she shows a short Feldenkrais lesson with these steps. Then she goes over a simple mathematical problem using these steps too!


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The musical journey to being human

I’ve seen a couple of YouTube clips recently that have me seeing how important music is to life.

Today I came across this story of how music can be re-introduced to those who live with Dementia or Alheimers. The music takes them back to their memories and this can stimulate their general awareness.

Enjoy this following video (about 6 mins) about one man’s transformation:

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Happy Solstice!



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