Peeling away the layers on the path of growth


Lately as students have been telling me their stories as they unfold through our weekly classes, I’ve been looking at my own stories.

My own path of learning and awakening.

I recall a time in the late 90’s, when my late wife Yvonne, who had recently started her 4 year Feldenkrais Professional teacher training:

She was learning interesting stuff, I didn’t know or really care what it was.

You could say I was a bit skeptical.

And in my quest to get healthy would be lying on the living room floor, hoisting dumbells.

Or doing endless situps.

Straining through pushups.

And stretching, stretching, stretching.

She would occasionally walk by and ask “why are you doing that?”

Me: “To get stronger, and healthier!”

Fast forward 15 years (12 years since I started my own Feldenkrais training), and her mysterious question makes sense to me now.

My understanding didn’t come instantly.

I saw glimmers of it when I first started my training.

A decade of playing with these ideas have peeled away many layers of clouded thinking.

Tomorrow I shall work on peeling away another.

Life is a journey.

Let’s enjoy it together.



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