Get up Get down


We get up and down many times a day.

Probably rarely ever noticing how, sometimes complaining or making weird noises as cover for the effort put forth.

Taking this ability for granted or just outright ignoring it can be at your own peril.

A recent study cited HERE shows that your ability to go from standing to lying down and then back to standing can predict your longevity.

So perhaps you went ahead and took the test, and the results have you wondering how you can improve your quality of life, and your chances for survival.


This Sunday, July 21st 2013 I’ll be having my first extended class/playshop from Noon – 2:30 @ The Center for Movement & Healing.

We’ll explore how we can go to and come from the ground with greater ease.

The extended class allows us the space to connect a couple lessons with practical application.

All levels of ability are welcome to participate.


Gain a greater sense of independence in your movements and life.

Get your spot now for $30, then you can get up and get down.


Happy rolling,




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