5 minute Back pain relief – Tilting legs

Today’s blog post is the beginning of a video series on short (5 to 10 minute), easy lessons you can do to help alleviate back pain.

The pain can be the persistent, long-term type. It becomes your constant companion in life.

Of the pain could be of the recent variety…ie “I tweaked my back this past weekend up on the ladder!”

I do this and variations of it before any run, and on days when I’m on the computer a lot.

As with any of the lessons I teach whether in person or live, please remember to go slower and less distance than you normally would.

This will help with your ability to sense what you’re doing

YouTube Preview Image

Roll your leg to the side.

You can also think of turning your knee outward.

Turning your ankle to the side.

Rolling your hip.

The more ways you play with doing something, the more efficient your overall movement will become over time.

The brain has more ways of solving problems, and working through puzzles.


It’s always good to go through the scanning procedure before and after each lesson.

And example of that is on my 10-30-2012 Youtube video:


This way of measuring your change, or the change in the way you perceive yourself, is important for learning to stick.


Play around with this video a few times. The more you do the lessons and practice noticing yourself and how you find support, the quicker the learning comes.

For more information on how you can alleviate your back pain, contact me (Erik LaSeur) at:






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