About Us

Born and raised in the Seattle area. I’ve always been a very active/outdoorsy person. In my teens/mid-20’s I was a runner. But quit as I kept injuring myself.

I didn’t run for almost 25 years.

Practicing the Feldenkrais Method has changed my life in that I now have the tools to learn how to move and run with pleasure and in an anti-fragile way.  Now at the age of 56 I only see myself moving more!

I combine 26 years of massage, and 15 years practicing/teaching the Feldenkrais Method, along with study and practice of ideal walking and running habits over the past 6 years.

My goal is to help the average person regain the love and freedom of running!

Though I specialize with runners, many others (non-runners) have found our Feldenkrais sessions to be helpful. Moving in a more organized fashion so they can participate in their lives more fully.

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Erik LaSeur


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